Swim Little Fishy

Swim Little Fishy

Ever felt that every time you were on the right track things just fell apart? Ever had this become a regular occurrence in your life? We have all been there. There are many reasons for this and I will try to outline one right now. When we are born, we are born free of sin. We have committed no wrong. We have not allowed Satan or his minions a legal entry point into our lives. Therefore it is easier to live innocent and free in this world. There is such thing as “Intergenerational Bondage” but I will cover that in another article.

So, we are born without sin and Lucifer knows this. It is his plan to entice us to sin, in order to gain a legal entry point into our lives. God waits for our permission to inhabit us. Satan waits for our permission to enslave us. Let me paint the picture:

You are a little fishy swimming free in the water. Every day is a beautiful day. You play with other fishies in the coral and waves of existence easy free and having pure playful fun. Then all of a sudden you notice something. A little sparkle in the distance. You swim closer and see something almost irresistible. A little flashy piece of metal that is calling your name: “Fishy. Eat Me.” You peer closer and notice a flappy piece of flesh dangling on the end of it. How are you to know it is a worm. It sure looks good.

In a blink of an eye, you take a good chomp and to your surprise you find yourself engaged in the battle of your life. Completely out of control you are yanked all across the ocean waters. You panic and wish you could take back what you have done, but it is too late.

Now let’s break from this story to illustrate a point. I am not sure how many of you are deep-sea fishermen. There is one thing I know about deep-sea fishing. If you bring the fish up too quickly, it will die. Because of this, the fisherman goes through a drawn-out ballet of letting in the line, then letting some out to give the fish some freedom. When the fisherman is ready, it reels in again.

Now going back to you being the fishy. You are fighting for your life then all of a sudden the fight is finished. You feel free again. You go about swimming going your own thing. Life is under control. Just when you least expected this “stronghold” connected to above the water yanks at you again. Ever experienced this in the spiritual plane? Now let’s take this story and get completely ridiculous with it. You are in an uncomfortable scenario so say the least. You are desperate to find freedom again so you look for any solution. You notice another flashy target to set your eyes upon. You notice this one trolling by the surface of the water. You figure since that one is moving so quickly and strongly, it must be more powerful than the one problem you have now. Fact, it might even set you free from the troubles you presently are having. This lure could represent a psychic, or “New Age” therapy; you pick your cocktail. You wait until the tugging is not as intense and take a chomp on the second lure. Now you are really stuck. Seeking this therapy or advice seemingly set you free from one problem, but left you with another. A familiar spirit (or something of the like). You know where this is going. We can spend our entire lives looking for that one line that will set us free and in the meantime, we are getting deeper and deeper in trouble. We desire with all our heart soul and mind to be set free from the dire trouble we are in but the battle seems almost hopeless. Now here is where Jesus steps in. Jesus does not act as another silly hook to bite your teeth into. He comes along with a pair of golden scissors and cuts all of the fishing lines free at once. Man, what a euphoric feeling. There are no strings attached when Jesus heals you. It is just complete and awesome. Now that you are free, nothing stops you from taking a bite out of a lure when you see it again. I mean it did taste good the first time. Every Christian does I am sure, but the goodness of God says that He will be there to cut the lines when we ask of him as long as we do it with the right heart (Broken And Contrite).

So now you are a free fish. You still have a problem. You have old hooks stuck in your jaw. Now you can wait for them to rust away or you can also ask Jesus to heal you, take the hooks from your flesh and leave you with only the occasional scar. This can be painful at times but is most defiantly freeing for those that have dared to experience it. It often feels like you are a bush being pruned by a gardener. You may shed a tear of pain or discomfort as what seems to be a part of you is removed, but it is a part that in the grand scheme of things wasn’t supposed to be there. Let Jesus set you free, remove the hooks, assist your healing and restoration and most importantly. Lures aren’t good for you no matter what disguise they are wearing. It may take some time to discern all of their disguises but teach other fishies what you have learned and steer clear from the dangers that try to entice. They may taste good at first but they always lead to a road of death. Be free, have life; Ask Jesus to set you free and keep you free. Amen.

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