Actions Of Intercession

Actions of Intercessory Prayer

Prayer can take many forms and go far deeper than a simple request in your mind asking something of God. Intercessory prayer, in particular, stretches beyond the normal “daily” prayer into the realm of warfare directly against our enemy (Satan). And through intercessory prayer there are many ways we can express ourselves in our actions:

1. Speech.
Outward speech is far more powerful than praying in the mind. Great mountains are moved when we speak out loud with authority. I found it is the same type of difference as always having a hidden desire that you share with no one, and sharing that desire with others for it to become a reality. It is ok to pray out loud. If you are not comfortable praying in groups then simply pray out loud in your alone time with God.
Prayer does not need to be fancy or organized in any way. A prayer could be a simple cry out for help when help is needed. Jesus is someone whom we can talk to that will always be there. If you have ever shared your pains with a diary, an animal, stuffed toy, invisible friend, then you already know how to share your walk with Jesus. Most people’s prayer lives begin with speaking to Jesus in this way. Then things build from there. There is absolutely no harm in praying out loud, Jesus is there to hear you when no one else might be. I have personally found a marked increase in the answers to my prayers once I began to speak openly and from my heart (transparently) to my God

2. Clap and Stomp
Often when I intercede I clap my hands or stomp my feet like I am crushing the enemy with my hands and feet. This action is an outward physical expression of what is happening in heaven when we pray with power and righteous might. At this time you may sometimes feel a shiver, or what can be better described as an internal strength flowing through and all around you as you pray. This sensation is the Holy Spirit moving in your midst to do His will. This sensation can easily be confused with ‘New Age’ powers but there is a distinctive difference. When praying in the spirit, we seek not to control anything directly in the spiritual realm. We simply take our needs directly to God as that is our inheritance, and Jesus does all of the spiritual work Himself. He made the world (spirit and flesh) himself so who are we to meddle and interfere with a complete work He plans to do. Often when we put ourselves into the spiritual mix, we get in the way of our own prayers. I find that is why so many eventually give up on standard prayer and go do ‘New Age’. Having been part of both movements, I can tell you that Jesus Christ is far more complete and awesome than any other ‘New Age’ power. The two can not be compared and I will always (by experience) choose to utilize my relationship with God (and only my direct relationship with God) to create miracles because the power of New Age simply does not hold a candle to the awesome power that can be yielded through the spirit in wholesome Christian prayer.

3. Cry
In general, I have found when interceding that my emotions, actions, words, and thoughts quickly reflect what is happening in Heaven. Sometimes I feel a need to cry while I pray. Often when I feel this need, I know this need is not a need of my own. In general, when I cry, morning with my God over things going on, on earth. Sometimes I even cry on behalf of a person that may be in need or mourning themselves. In this way, the burden is shared between the person and me. The burden is not directly held by me in any way, but more like as I cry (and or the other person also cries) God cries with us and He takes our burden because he hears our tears and takes action for his children. Crying is a perfectly ok expression in intercessory prayer.

4. Yell
There are times when I interceded for others that I raise my voice and yell against the enemy. Like a roaring Lion showing dominance in a safari, my attacking voice intimidates the enemy and forces Satan and his “little cockroaches” to flee from however they may be attacking or influencing a situation. I must make it clear, that my prayers in themselves hold absolutely no power at all. It is God working in response to my prayers that answers my requests and by being boisterous, the angels in heaven also wage war on my (and God’s) behalf.
It is truly important to keep in perspective that our prayers in themselves hold absolutely no power, and our energy in itself holds little to no power when compared to the fullness of the God that hears and answers our prayers. The moment we bring ourselves out of alignment and exalt ourselves into a position of power is the moment that we can fall under immediate and direct attack, and also is the moment that our prayers lose their strength because it would be like placing ourselves in front of the “front line” of God and wage war against our enemy on our own. Keeping perspective in prayer is important at all times

5. Silence, Reverence, and Belief
Often when I pray I spend time in silence. God speaks to my mind heart and soul at these times and guides me on how He would like me to pray. In silence, his presence is made known and quite often our prayers are answered. So just as important as praying out loud, clapping our hands and yelling might be, Silence can also be a virtue in prayer.

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