Praying in Witchcraft

Praying in Witchcraft

There is such a thing as praying in witchcraft. Prayer in this manner is what happens when you pray your will to be done and not God’s will to be done. An example of this would be to pray for let’s say, 5 Porches, 12 houses, International Fame and Selfish Fortune. I am not saying that God might not want to answer such prayers, but if you pray them just because you “want” them, then you are praying in witchcraft. If God answers a prayer prayed in witchcraft, it would be to our detriment. So many times I have seen people pray this way and then get mad at God when He does not answer.
The key in a successful prayer life is to pray God’s will. Seek Him in how He would like you to pray and all of your prayers will be answered even better than if you prayed for things how “you” wanted them to be answered. God’s healing is more complete and freeing then any witchcraft prayer we can pray, so it is well worth the exercise to “find Him” and pray for what and how He would like us to pray.

Before you might get discouraged, it is easy to hear God’s will in your prayer life, my other articles explain some of the ways how so I won’t go into it here, and it is quite ok to pray from your heart or tell God how you might be feeling about issues. For example, King David in the Old Testament would pray/communicate with God directly how frustrated he was with others. He would even pray prayers as harsh as “I wish they would all die!!!” Talking like that to God is quite fine as He is a father that is here to share with us our burdens and pains. But actually praying for someone to “Die” without knowing that that is what God wants you to do, can easily lead you down a dark and frustrating path. Be careful what you pray and be respectful of how powerful it is because I have found the more respect I have given prayer in my journey, the more powerful my prayer life continued to be.

Be encouraged my friend, and just pray.

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