P6 - New Spiritual Victory

--- Part 6 ---
Gaining Victory and Spiritual Maturity
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Chapter 19
Now that we have covered the darkest times of my life, I would like to share with you my complete recovery and return to the life that God had promised me and all of His children: A life of victory, peace, restoration, love and fulfillment. I am not saying that God promises things to always be “easy” or go exactly the way we would like at all times, but I am saying through all things (no matter what circumstances) we can and will find peace, love and victory in our lives. I no longer have voices in my mind that created “double-mindedness” and Lisa and I have been almost completely restored to fullness. There is always more healing and journeying to do in life.

Change did not happen quickly but quite gradually over the years as we gained victory over all that afflicted us. We learned how to yield our weaponry and inheritance that God has given us and each of His children learned ways to be restored and renewed our relationship. Here is the conclusion of my experiences to this date.

Being newlyweds and just “baby Christians” I knew one of our first priorities needed to be establishing a new church family that we could sew into and receive support from. We immediately began our exhaustive search. Church after church we had trouble finding one that simply “felt like home” like Cornerstone did. Some churches were in a transition period lacking real solid leadership, others did not feel accepting of us or were judgemental in many ways; some actually did not seem to even have their priorities set on God before their own personal agendas.

To be fair, there is no such thing as a “perfect church”. Every church is made by man and is bound to have some sort of problem or glitch that keeps them from complete fulfillment in God, but even keeping that in mind we just couldn’t find a church that felt like it was for us. Many weeks and much looking took place. During this time I regularly thought back to my awesome experience at Cornerstone. I had missed the prayer meetings we had before the services, the unconditional love, acceptance and understanding I had experienced from their congregation and staff. I missed the strong relationships I had made with everyone there. It was truly a shame we had to live so far away. In our transition time, I even entertained driving the two hours every weekend to visit but we simply could not afford gas for the car to do so. I still look at Cornerstone Church quite passionately and with great affection. Cornerstone changed my life and I will never forget it. Thank you Cornerstone.

If you would like to know I even wrote a song entitled “Cornerstone” that can be found on my music school website: www.spauldingschoolofmusic.com. It is not a song directly about the church but tells a tale of that time in my life in a unique way. I wrote it while still in college.

After a few months of actively searching, Lisa and I finally found refuge in a great church named Waterloo Pentecostal Assembly. As trying as it was going through the months of searching, we found that this church was truly worth the search.
It is so easy to let a bad experience at a church justify not going to any Church at all. I have seen many choose to do this and it hurts me to see how sometimes Churches can actually hurt others, but because you might have one bad experience at one location does not mean that is all bad. Quite often another can and will help you heal from any damage one might have caused. We are not in a perfect world, but we as Christians must try to gather wherever and however we can to support one another. It is truly hard at times to walk through life with no spiritual “fellowship” support. I can’t stress how important it is to have others in your life that you can share your walk with, even if it outside of a “Church” Sunday service. There are so many great fellowships and people that can encourage and support you in your journey. Be encouraged, it just takes the time and patience and sometimes travel to find the right place that’s all.

It also is equally a blessing when you share your life with others as it acts as an encouragement to them too, so when you pull away from fellowshipping with a congregation, you are quite often robbing God’s kingdom from many ways you can positively impact others. Be encouraged in this area of your life because it is truly important. As you can see from my last chapters, we as Christians were not meant to go through life as lone wolves.

The other truth is, Satan wants us to be divided and argue amongst ourselves because it cripples us and renders us as a body of Christ helpless in the spiritual world. A divided army simply can’t stand. It is worth fighting against division from happening in your life for so many reasons.
I have personally been deeply hurt by some of the churches I had gone to in my time, but it is worth it to keep in touch and fellowship with other believers so that we do not walk through life alone (not lonely but alone).

Waterloo Pentecostal Assembly (the church my Lisa and I finally settled upon) was quite large compared to what we had become accustomed to. WPA was a church of over 800 members compared to the 40+ we had grown to know and love at Cornerstone, it was quite different. WPA was a fantastic church in every way and I am truly glad Lisa and I had found it. We quickly found that in a church as large as WPA you must get plugged into the smaller groups that meet through the week or on weekends in order to receive the greatest benefits the church can offer. Some of the advantages of a large church is that it is easy to meet people in your same age bracket or share with people that are having or that have had the same struggles as you. The benefits of these types of relationships can be quite profound. It does take an active effort on your part to seek relationships that can impact you in an already established church, so don’t give up.

WPA had a fantastic young adult group that meet after church in the school next door and that group of people were such an anointed blessing in Lisa and my life that often I find it hard to put into words. God worked through the kind, loving, caring and anointed people in the young adult's group at WPA in many ways. Thank you WPA for being there for us.

On Sunday mornings when the entire church gathered together, the sprit of the Lord would be felt so strongly in that place that even “non-Christians” that have never felt the Holy Spirit in their life would feel the Holy Spirit move in their midst. Not all churches have this kind of blessing, but WPA most definitely had a congregation of worshipers that truly brought forth the presence of God in their midst. A simple example of how some would feel the Holy Spirit when worshiping was when you would be singing and all of a sudden feel a cool comforting breeze flow across you; when you would look around for the source of the sensation you would see no open doors, fans moving or anything that would create an air current in the least. Another more dramatic example was when there were miraculous healings in the church but I will save that story for later. I have taken many experiences and relationships from WPA to this day and am thankful for them.

As much as Lisa and I enjoyed WPA and finally found a place we could find restoration and call home, we yet again could not stay. I received many job promotions within the short time I had with my present employer and with my final promotion, I was lead to open op my own office in Barrie, Ontario. In the end, this promotion did not make it financially better off in any way, in fact it complicated things even further.

Chapter 20
While we were packing and preparing to move we had everything in order: We had planned to temporarily move into a hotel room with my management team, sell some product and find an office space to permanently build a business. That plan was fine and dandy, but the management of the company that I was working for turned out to be quite crooked in their dealings. While I was packing to move, my present boss at the time underhandedly gave Barrie as a territory to another person to control. I was furious as this left me now moving to a strange town in two weeks with no place to live and no source of income by the end of my move. I think he pulled this devious task because in my time with him I had become indispensable to him and he didn’t want to lose me by moving to open up my own office, even though it meant a residual income for him. I think my boss thought that if he could pull the rug out from under my feet I would be forced to stay and work with him. This was not going to be the case as Lisa and I moved anyway. In my time with my old boss, he had damaged us in many ways and that was the last straw for me. I learned afterward that Lisa and I were held in financial difficulty mainly because of his negative influence in our lives. I will not get into that now.

Lisa and I hurriedly found an apartment to rent in Barrie and prepared to move, when my boss pulled me into his office again and dealt to Lisa and I one final crushing blow. He informed me that for some reason all of the deals I had closed that week somehow did not “clear” or “get funded”. Now we were now left moving to a new city without first and last months' rent, without knowing a single soul, and without having a penny to rub together or a career to carry us through. We could not stay in Kitchener because my landlord already had rented our present apartment to someone else and at that time God was leading me to move to Barrie. It was a difficult leap in faith to relocate a two-hour drive away but deep inside of me I knew it was something we had to do.

God at this time began to plant miracles in our lives and show that He was carrying us through our lives in every circumstance. Our dependence on His provision was great and He never let us down, even though things seemed absolutely dire for weeks and months at times. It is true that it is hard to see the big picture of provision and salvation when you are in the middle of dark and terrible experiences. The injustice I was served by my present employer was just the beginning of a string of injustices I was served by almost all of my future employers. You will see.

I had borrowed enough money from a friend that I had made at WPA to help us pay at least part of first month's rent in our new apartment. It was a miracle in itself that my new landlords even let us into their house with just a promise of payment. I quickly landed a job in Toronto, about a 1-hour drive away from our new city, incidentally working for the man that was supposed to be taking Barrie as a territory. That job was better than nothing at the time and not to my surprise, he never did build an office in Barrie. My circumstance seemed to all be a deception from my old employer. I surprisingly did not make one single sale while working for the fellow in Toronto. I had no trouble making sales of the same product in my old home town so it became obvious that even though I knew no other alternative, I was not to be working with him. I quit working in Toronto and moved to another job in my new city and became their top talent but by the end of the month.

By this time Lisa and I were far behind in every bill and we had a number of collection agencies calling and threatening us; some ready to take us to court. By the time we paid one-off, two others would call. They became rather abusive toward me and even though I tried everything within my power to pay each one as funds came in, things continued to pile up. I was working over 12 hour days at the time and still couldn’t dig ourselves out of our financial difficulties.
During this time our car was re-possessed and we had to immediately purchase a new one in order to keep my present job. We could not afford our new car and things just kept going from bad to worse. By this time this trend was almost no longer a surprise because the warfare had been like this ever since college. The worst was still to come through.

My new boss purchased a new car for us and because of my high performing track record allowed us to pay it back on payments to him. I am sure this was selfishly motivated as de didn’t want to lose money because I (his top talent) was not able to “run leads” because of car issues. At that time this was a great plan to get back on the road but just when Lisa and I were about to break even financially for the first time in our lives, he demanded full payment of our car right away. It set us back once again and acted as a final crushing financial blow. Lisa and I were now at the edge of bankruptcy. Because of miss-management, so was my boss’s company.

There was a time before this occasion when we were still battling out our first steps of being in Barrie that I distinctly remember having only 20 dollars to our names. The cupboards were almost bare, we didn’t know where rent and food were coming from for that month (or that week for that matter) and there were collection agencies threatening to take us to court. That weekend in church God asked me to give our last $20 to the offering and I did so with little to no hesitation. After that “investment” of our funds all we had left was about 25 or 30 cents and a gas tank only a quarter full of gas. No visible way out of our situation.

It is here that a series of financial and provisional miracles began to happen and these miracles happened over a period of 3years as God slowly dug us out of the big hole we were in. So giving in such a self-sacrificial way can be quite powerfully freeing in your life. Just make sure it is truly Jesus talking to your heart before making such leaps. Guard yourself against attacks of our enemy but rejoice when you find trials or feel large sacrifices around the corner because equal and inverse blessings will soon be upon you when you make large sacrifices for our Lord. That is a law that I have experienced to be true over and over in my personal spiritual life.

After our sacrifice that day a huge turning point happened in our life. Things did not change overnight but this was a moment in where the tide had turned from being against us. For example, the following day after giving our last offering, my mother-in-law called my wife seemingly out of nowhere saying that the government had sent her a cheque for over $130. It was an orphan’s benefit cheque, but she had stopped receiving them when she turned 21, a few years prior. This was just one of many provisional miracles that hit us over time and since that day.

During this time I also developed many very close friendships. Friendships that run deeper than deep even to this day that I would trust my entire life to. I would not trade these relationships for any jewel in this world. Without our hardships, my relationships with God or these close and dear friends would not be as deep as they are today. It is simply incredible how hard times can automatically deepen relationships if you choose to share your walk with others. My friendships are what helped me through the most difficult of marital, spiritual and financial times. God truly worked through these friendships to bring about change, correction and blessing into my life. I am a better man because of them. Thank you all that have been there to support us in our journey.

To summarize the complexity of our hardships and illustrate the full breadth of the trials we had faced I will say that by the third year of our marriage I had been through 5 jobs, 1 very rocky marriage, 8 living locations, 7 churches, 6 cars, 5 collection agencies and a personal bankruptcy and disownment from everything I once knew. Quite often it felt like we were literally taking two steps forward and ten steps back. God is faithful and has completely restored us though hallelujah!

After all of this it was then that we finally made it to our present church Mapleview Community Church and attended Cleansing Stream Ministry. After this time is where God made the turn around point in our lives and began to restore our marriage, heal our finances and spiritual attacks and gave us true complete victory for the first time in our lives. Ever since cleansing stream ministries, everything has been changed in our lives. Quite frankly ever since then, just about anything I put my hands to became a success. There is no might or magic to Cleansing Stream Ministries. That ministry simply equips saints like me and you (if you have given your life to the Lord) to gain victory over the assailments of their life. God Himself is what completely turned our lives around and He simply used certain ministries to bring about that change. After God moved in this world-changing time in our lives, we became completely healed from the spirits of poverty, new age, depression, and many other areas. It was shortly after this that I wrote the first four parts of my story and put them on the internet for you to read. We were healed in every way. We were desperately yearning for but could not find. God did magnificent work in our lives over that transitionary time, there is no question about it, and he continues to do even greater work in our lives to this day. I now knew how to fully drive my new sports car of salvation and yield the word of God and His promises in my life to completely defeat the enemy. Praise the Lord! There is salvation from all things!

Chapter 21
Let me digress for a moment. I have learned over the years as a general spiritual rule: If you have ever said anything like or felt any way like “God, I can handle anything in life as long as I don’t have to go through ______” quite often God will lovingly bring you through things like that because it is his desire for your life to not fear anything or put anything between you and the fullness of a possible relationship with him. He lovingly brings us through difficult times to help mold us and quite often if you are prideful about certain areas of your life or tell God that “you can handle anything but ____” you will find yourself there.
Lisa and once said (after driving through Barrie months before moving even knowing we were going to be called here) that we would be willing to live just about anywhere in Ontario except Barrie because our first impression was quite negative. Within a year, God called us to this city and we are both thankful He did. Barrie worked out to be the best place in Ontario for the two of us to live at this time in life. I don’t know if our calling was a result of our rebellious comments or if He had this location in mind for us all along, I am sure it is both. Needless to say, God’s sense of humor has made itself known in this area of life. I once said to God when we were going through struggles that I could handle anything, just don’t bring us to “bankruptcy” and God lovingly did exactly that. As bittersweet as it is, I am glad for it. So be careful what you say or pray for because there is impact on even fleeting comments or thoughts. When you are tried by God though or lead down a certain path, God will also provide the strength to see you through. If you don’t have the strength then pray against it because sometimes trials from our enemy can disguise themselves as trials from our Heavenly Father. Over time if you are sensitive you will recognize the difference between the two.

Our three years of greatest trials also brought with them a great deal of personal stretching and growth. Through this intense humbling process, we learned what it was like to completely rely only on Jesus Christ and place everything else in life second to Him. It is this faithfulness that also helped direct our lives to full restoration. I am sure. As I went from job to job as companies continually declared bankruptcy or took advantage of me in some way or another we would often be given funds out of “seemingly nowhere” just when we most needed it. We would also be given groceries just when we lost the funds to purchase them for ourselves. God’s direct provision in our lives was great and quite frankly truly humbling. I think everyone should and probably has gone through this type of humbling somewhere in their lives. It makes us stronger vessels of God’s peace and also acts as an act of blessing to others because as we receive blessings from others, they are in turn blessed directly by God forgiving. If you do not accept a gift from someone when they feel lead to give, then quite often you are robbing them of the joys of giving and the blessings that they can receive from God in their life. God quite puts people in a position to give to not only fulfill the needs in your life but also allow them to exercise their faith of Jesus in their life. Now that Lisa and I have been financially free we truly enjoy giving to those in need because we know what it is like to be doing everything you can but still have things fall apart. When someone’s pride stops a person from accepting one of our gifts, we actually personally feel robbed at times. So please let yourself be humble and accepts gifts as they are given to you. Quite often these gifts are God’s right hand directly working in your life.

Let me give you an example by continuing my story.
Remember when Lisa and I hit almost rock bottom and my boss wanted all of the money for his car upfront. Soon after (without any warning) his company was declaring bankruptcy and left us with no funds to carry on in life. We did hit rock bottom. Lisa and I found ourselves in a position where we had about 7 days before eviction from our present apartment. At this point, it seemed as though we were destined to live on the street because I saw no other possible conclusion. This was just before we declared personal bankruptcy because I couldn’t handle the constant abuse of the collection agencies complicating our life. At this point is when I personally gave up and consecrated (gave) everything to the Lord. I envisioned putting all of our personal belongings on the street corner to get stolen and rained on, and actually found peace with this. Our computer, our guitars, washer and drier, clothes, everything we had and knew I let go of it in my mind. I realized completely for the first time in my life the freedom of being completely free from all items and belongings of this world. Don’t get me wrong, but I am not a big materialistic person. In fact, I am quite opposite, I am very much a minimalist and even “camping” type personality (thus my job at summer camp) but being free in my mind of all of the daily obligations and worry about belongings was absolutely amazing. To bring this home so that I have successfully communicated the freedom I experienced, stop reading and look around you for a moment. Picture putting everything you see around you, your computer, your pictures on the table or wall, all of your devices, cutlery and everything you spent years to accumulate, even your family heirlooms being dumped outside to be stolen and left for rain and rust to destroy. With that picture in mind, we all go through an instinctive protective mindset. It was wild to fully realize in an applied life way at that time that I really had everything I would ever need as long as I had my Lord, my wife (as she is a part of me) and our health. Because of this, I felt an even greater closeness with my God because no longer did anything, and I mean anything, stand in the way of my personal walk with Him. I am truly grateful for this experience.

Not to worry though, we were not placed on the street and God once again did a fantastic miracle of provision. When we were in our final hours of unknowing and about 48 hours before our eviction when our pastor at our local church offered to have us stay with him and His family so that we could get back on our feet. A close friend let us put all of our belongings in storage in his basement and was quite blessed to be able to bless us that way.

Ok let me condense my story now before it gets far too long. Through the years of hardship, dependence and difficulty, Lisa and I built a great life together. The hardships acted to deepen our spiritual journeys and relationship with God and I would not trade who we both are now for anything in this world. I can now also say firmly and with conviction that God does do miracles in our present day. He does heal broken hearts, broken lives, broken marriages and broken past. He does deliver us from evil as you have read that I have experienced and he does grant the desires of your heart as He is a God of peace, restoration and salvation.
Many attribute good favor to “luck” and blame bad times on God. It is unfortunate we consistently give God a bad wrap in our perceptions because I have experienced God as He says He is: “The Great I AM”. There is no arguing against magnificent power in my life and the lives of those that I have drawn to be close around me. God has proven himself time and time again to be faithful and all-powerful in my life. When I worship I feel His spirit permeating every area of life, also conquering the old new age spirits I used to be so familiar with. I have learned without a doubt that the Christian God operates in an existence that is separate than new age and other spiritual beliefs of this world and I am glad because I have asked Him to enter and continually change my life, that he has granted me favor beyond my imagination. I am Free, I am Free I am Free Indeed and I hope you share or will grow to share in the same victories that I have. I thank you so much God for all that you have done in my life and for giving me a room in heaven to look forward to, and I thank you for doing a magnificent work in the lives of those around me and those that even read my story, may you be a shining light upon them and grant them victory and peace in any and every area that might afflict them. May I be an encouragement in their life. I write to you now, reader of my story, if you have any questions for me, would like my support or prayer or just a listening ear in any way, I do look forward in speaking with you over email or phone. I find great joy and happiness in helping others achieve spiritual victory in life and if it is appropriate, I would enjoy answering your questions or helping you in any way I can. Thank you for reading my story.

To give you an update on where things are now, I have now been successfully self-employed as a businessman and now an executive for the last number of years and Lisa and I have been doing financially well. I own and operate many growing and heaven blessed businesses and I love doing what I do on a daily base. I will list all of my business and ministry endeavours at the end of this document.

Lisa and I, say after dealing with the temperament of life and the difficulties we have been through, have built a new marriage that is completely restored compared to where we used to be. We are looking forward to many great and blessed years ahead of us. It was partly our trials that have given us the strong bond that we now experience today and it is truly amazing how God can turn a difficult or bad experience into something victorious, educational and amazingly good.
Lisa and I not only benefit from a strong relationship and understanding of one another but we also have a strong relationship with our maker and creator and this is one of the most blessed attributes of our relationship. I am truly thankful for the life Lisa and I do share and we do have a powerful and victorious prayer life together.
Our journey has also molded many strong and close friendships that run “deeper than blood”. I thank everyone that has impacted our lives together life and had positive influence in my personal life as well. I thank you for your patient and loving correction, encouragement and wisdom that you have shared over the years and that even though times were tough at times, you shared in those times with me. You know who you are and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

As an aside:
In my humble opinion relationships are one of only two things you can take to Heaven with you. The otherworldly item we can take to Heaven is our personal experiences, knowledge and growth. I am glad to have developed these jewels that I can take with me when my maker calls my name at to the pearly gates and we enter Heaven. Thank you God for the victorious inheritance you give all of your children that accept you as their personal Lord and Saviour. If you have not ever given your life to the Lord as your personal Lord and Saviour, doing so is quite easy. All you have to do is ask. As you have done so (as you have read from my history) it is important to surround yourself with other believers. I am sure your experiences as a Christian won’t be quite as dark as mine because now having read my story, you have a little better idea than I did on how to identify attacks in the spirit and claim victory right away.

Continuing on with the update: My relationships with family, both blood relation and in-law have been completely restored and I am closer now to my parents then I ever have been. Lisa and I have now been married about 8 years and we are truly happy with each other and share in our overwhelming amount of blessings on a daily base. Our marriage still has some healing to go through as life is a continual journey, but through the abundant miracles that God has given us we are like eagles soaring high in the sky when compared to a vessel battling an ocean storm. Life couldn’t be any more different compared to what we have been through. Things are GREAT!
Our God is a great God indeed and whatever blessings He as bestowed upon our lives He can and will also bestow upon you if you would let Him. If you have not done so already, let me politely urge you to take the next steps in your walk with Him by either asking Jesus into your life like I did or renew your walk with Him, by letting God work on areas of your life that you might have held Him from in your past. Jesus will only heal and bring restoration in your life. It does not mean that times might not get difficult here or there but those times (when led by Jesus) are blessed times and act as a enhancement to your journey as you will have the strength to walk through them. One again, only attack from the enemy is what breaks us with no hope for restoration and through Christ’s Spirit we as Christians already have victory over these things.

When I was discouraged I kept this old high school poem I wrote in mind and it helped guide me through. It is a simple poem but I will share it with you anyway:

Here we are, all stuck in this mess;
Running in circles, and dying of stress.
Living mass chaos, with no end in sight,
Left in the dark, with no hint of light.
When things get so bad you can no longer cope,
Someone will be there to shed you some hope.
We all have resources, we all have to fight,
To break from this circle and find what is right.
I tell you my friend, do not despair,
You'll find life in the end is certainly fair.
So stand head up high, back straight and tall,
And watch what happens, I'm sure you won't fall.
For what you put in you will surely get out,
I know you will make it, with out any doubt.

You can do it, let nothing stop you from your personal Holy Spirit ambitions because when you live your life in alignment to God’s will, there is nothing that can hold you back from huge anointing, healing and wholeness. Nothing in heaven or earth.

A letter of Encouragement:
If you are frustrated with your prayer life, then please take time to learn how to pray more deeply; if you are frustrated with your church life then stop at nothing to change your circumstance: Change churches or change your circumstance or most difficult of all, change yourself. Quite often it is ourselves that need to change before we even try to change our personal surroundings. Once we change, our perceptions change and quite often we grow faster doing this then trying to change others around us. That’s a tough lesson to learn. In whatever you do, do it well and do it with everything you have within you. Let others support you, nurture you and act as a hand of God moving in your life. Be passionate about your spiritual pursuit because when you labor in this area you will reap great rewards. I say this with passion because I know it to be true.

Chapter 22
Many have asked me how Carol and Gary are (they were in the second part of my story where Carol was possessed). When last I spoke to them they were both doing quite well. Carol is now happily married and living depression free and off medication. After 20 years of struggle, God has performed a magnificent healing work in her life. She gave her life to Jesus just after college and is reaping the blessings of her strong and renewed faith.
Gary also gave His life to the Lord and last that I heard he was doing quite well as well. He and I have not spoken for years as we have fallen out of touch and I do look forward to speaking with him and Carol again soon.

As for my old high school girlfriend, I understand she too is doing well. She is now married and I hope healing from all of the hurt from her and our past. I wish the best for her and her new life. She and I have not talked directly but I do understand she is doing well and Lisa’s old boyfriend I believe has also moved on and is doing well.

Finally, as promised here is a brief list of some of the business and ministry ventures I involve myself with. Their continued success is a witness to God’s complete grace, restoration and awesome power in my life. I am overjoyed to have had the opportunity to share my journey with you and hope you enjoy the links that I am about to provide.

Companies / ministries I presently operate:
www.spauldingschoolofmusic.com - Music School
Soundscape Productions - Recording Studio / Production Company.
www.thechristiannewsnetwork.com - A new News Entity that reports on miracles in our modern world
www.thebestofalltime.com - A Free Radio Station I built that is unparalleled as far as I can see
David's Temple - Christian Coffehouse / Ministry soon to be launched and duplicated across all of North America.
www.coremanagementsolutions.com - Web Development / Software Production company
www.chazonministries.org - My Life's work to make all dreams come true
www.onlythebest.cc - Executive search firm that i operate
Crystal Commercial Group - The corporation that actually owns all of the above and assigns teams and resources appropriately to ensure the success of all of the above.

I have become active in my local church and even built their website: www.mapleview.cc I also stay involved with many of the other churches in my area.

I at times I guest speak and teach many about spiritual intercession and achieving deep worship in their lives or ministry teams. I enjoy this part of my calling and hope to be speaking at more engagements at time passes. If you would like me to speak, teach, lead worship or pray at your church or venue, I would be absolutely honored. Simply let me know and I will try to get my schedule to make it happen. I do love sharing my walk, teaching others and helping others find the victory that I have in my life.

I will soon be beginning the work to publish my story in a more complete form and also write a brief encyclopedia of the knowledge and wisdom I have attained over the years that have helped me gain victory over my circumstances. It will be quite comprehensive as it will cover principles found in worship, personal prayer intercession, a complete view of the spiritual world that surrounds us and much more. As I write articles I might include them at this section of the website: Click Here

Now let me close with this blessing to you as I speak these words from the depth of my heart:
May the Lord Bless you and keep you, may He shine His loving light upon you. May all your days be blessed, anointed and filled with His glory. May you be guided by our creator’s right hand and may you feel His presence leading and loving you in all of your days. May you enjoy your inheritance and may we meet one day in heaven for a “coffee” or worship jam. Let’s make a date of it shall we? May God bless you, and bless you indeed.

Damian Spaulding

Thank you for reading my story and I do look forward to talking with you soon.

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