New Age Enlightenment

Obtaining New Age Enlightenment

Many over the years have asked me to share with them how to obtain enlightenment in new age. As most already know I’ve had a rich and complicated past in the deeper areas of the new age movement in regards to:

  • Alternative Healing
  • Witchcraft
  • Sorcery
  • Astral Projection
  • Levitation
  • Telekinesis
  • Mind Reading
  • Psychic Powers
  • Energy Manipulation
  • Spiritual communication
  • Deep meditation
  • Near-death experiences
  • Past life regression therapies
  • And so on

I know firsthand how absolutely alluring to new age movement can be, how awesome the sensations and powers can be, even how emotionally seductive the entire experience is. Experiencing the deep levels of New Age was one of the most gripping, exhilarating, exhausting, rewarding, damaging, difficult and hurtful things I’ve ever done.

After decades of deepening my powers, capabilities and spiritual walk in new age, I came to the realization that new age was more hurtful than beneficial in my life and the lives of those closest to me. I have waged war against many evil spirits, been “blessed” by what appeared to be the presence of many great spirits. Experienced joy and enlightenment that few can even describe, but have also experienced more horror, torment, fear and negative emotions and experiences than one should ever in a lifetime.
Many say that I just experienced “bad energy” or I just “did it wrong” but after many years on a new enlightening path I can stand firmly on the statement that new age, no matter how alluring freeing, or powerful it may seem, is merely counterfeit when compared to freedom, full expression, healing and uninhibited joy that one can truly experience through a more complete means. Ask any new-ager and they will state that their journey is wrought with great heights at the same as great "purging" along the way. In the new path I have found, I now only experience the great heights and true complete healing and restoration. I have personally found that as I deepened in my walk-in new age and found newer heights of experiences, I also discovered newer lows. I would have to “meditate” far more and “recharge myself” more often on a daily and weekly base. I even would have to fight more against the dark sides of new-age spirituality that aimed to attach themselves to the “light” that I was obtaining through the new age movement. Again, just about every deep new-ager will also attest to this truth. Now, what is this new love and experience I have been speaking of? Is it is disturbingly simple, and took more courage to accept than anything else I had ever experienced. But before I go there, allow me to share with you a concept I have learned over the years:

I’ve learned that every new age gift has a close parallel with a more extensive gift when an individual allows themselves to have a direct relationship to the creator of the universe (and not just the universe itself). What I have learned by my experience is that every single new age gift also comes with a curse that exhibits itself when least expected. For example, I would learn a new form of enlightenment and then weeks later I would lose my job (or receive persecution) for no real reason. Or I would receive new emotional heights of awareness but then experience deep depression days later; then I would have to learn how to defeat these situations by erecting shields or meditating my way around them (or something of that sort). Is was like for every blessing, a hidden but negative string to an equal curse was attached and it is for that reason I call these gifts "counterfeit". I have now learned how to transform my old ‘gifts’ into new creations without any strings attached. I have now learned how to accept a God that wants to heal and love me unconditionally while providing for me personally and fulfilling every desire of my heart; a God that promises much and delivers even more. For me, this was a very scary concept at first but as I worked through it more and more, I could not find a reason why not. For example: If there was a God who knew me better than I even knew myself and was willing to fulfill all the things I yearned for the most in my life before I even knew I would be yearning them. What would I have to lose if I trusted in this God. If this God truly wanted the best for me in all occasions and all circumstances and desired to protect, enlighten, strengthen and fulfill my every spiritual, emotional and even physical need. I would be foolish to not trust. I learned that in order to experience this fullness I would have to do what I found most difficult. I would have to 100% trust and surrender control of my life so that the Christian God could drive far better. I say the Christian God for reasons that become obviously apparent when you read my complete story. All else I have learned bring counterfeit. Thankfully as difficult as it was, I was able to relinquish control of my life order to experience that greater, more free life that was at that time, unknown and hardly understood by me; but mine to inherit if I allowed it. God is a gentleman and will not pound down the door but rather waits for your permission to enter your heart in order to fulfill you. Much like if you swallowed poison, I would not force an antidote on you even if I knew it would save your life. I would wait for you to trust me enough to give me permission to enter into your life and positively impact your situation. New age spirits just simply do not have that quality most the time I have found by hard experience:).
It has now been proven to me over many years of living that my decision to relinquish control over my life and trust a Creator that knew me better than I to take control was the best decision I have ever made. I would not turn back for ANYTHING now that I have experienced the fullness, authority, peace and fulfillment that I now live in. My life is now everything I thought it would be and FAR more and I am so glad to be experiencing what I have now that I can't even find words to express the fullness that I would like to share with you. Now I am not saying that I have not had my bumps along the way (my story will also attest to that), but all in all I would not change my new inheritance for even the greatest riches of this earth and spiritual universe that anyone can muster. Why worship the creation and try to control the creation when you can have a direct and intimate relationship with the creator?
I have learned when you remove the “religion” from Christianity, burn away all the manmade expectations, rules and crap that have wounded so many over the centuries, and look at solely at the relational side of your journey with God / Christ and the promises that He has made for you, a far more enlightening experience can, and will be revealed to you. Now if you have not done this kind of thing before I am sure you feel spirits rising up within you in deep opposition to my statements and that too is an attest to the truth that I am sharing in love with you right now. I find those with a New Age past often grow far more and have a far richer relationship with God than those that just accepted Christ because well... it suited more superficial and less gravitous reasons. I look forward to you leading the church and not following it like far too many have done in the past. That too is your inheritance if you accept it.

So in summary, my new age experiences have revealed to me that each New Age gift was originally founded from a powerful, spiritual God-given gift that has been stripped of much of its greatness/purity and replaced with a lesser partly poisoned reality. There is enough of the original fruit to remain sweet to swallow at first but as you get deeper in the movement you will learn that there are more bitter consequences as you continue to journey deeper eating of the new-age seed. Here is a brief list of mighty spiritual powers and capabilities that you inherit when you give the one true God the permission to give them to you (by surrendering of course) [two can't fly a plane in the mountains, one pilot must trust in the skills of the other] [two surgeons cannot perform the same surgery - one must surrender to the other for risk of killing the patient] there is no other way. In the following list, I have also directly put beside each God-given gift the diluted counterfeit powers that are often experienced in new age if you let them (new age also takes surrendering as you know. but the difference is that in the big picture, you aim to keep control). I now know that all of these new-age experiences or so-called gifts don't even light a candle to the completeness that is experienced through an intimate relationship with Abba God the creator of all things, but it will act to illustrate the truth behind much of the counterfeit. Feel free to research both sides to your liking.

To everything, there’s a counterfeit:

Prophetic->Psychic Powers (fortune-telling, seeing the future, speaking to the spirit world)
General Intercession->Spiritual Healing, Sorcery, Witchcraft, Mind Control
Deep Prayer
Worship & Move of The Holy Spirit
->Reiki, Therapeutic Touch, Self Guided Healing, Meditation, Energy Manipulation, Spirit Communication and many 'Alternative Therapies'
Spiritual Warfare Intercession->Wizardry, Spell Casting, Wiccan Foundations
Worship->Astral Projection, Meditation, Yoga, etc
Meditation Fellowship with God->Meditation, Past Life Experiences

A neat thing I’ve learned over the years is that we as human beings are born yearning for many (if not all) of these spiritual gifts; much like how children yearn for love. Many of us try to gather these Gifts through inter-personal relationships and find failure. Others try to find these gifts as you know through new-age but often find the poison lurking behind the curtain. It is a terrible truth but I have also found that the church on the most part is not well equipped to fulfill the learning of these gifts, many Christians live their entire lives never really learning the fullness of their inheritance here on earth. It is possible to own a sports car but only drive it to half the speed limit at all times.
Because the Church tends to fall so short in instruction in these areas, often even deeply rooted Christians turn to experimenting with new-age (or actually old-age) but this does not have to be the case. With the right mentorship, any Christian can experience the fullness God desires for their life. Now I can't say that I know it all either. I too am learning on a daily base and I view my entire life as a learning curve, but I guarantee that when you invest yourself in learning and understanding the true spiritual gifts in store for you, you too will never look back. There it not a more rewarding experience in this world (in my humble opinion) and you will see from my story that I have experienced quite my share. If you have any questions at all, please feel free to e-mail me and I will do my best to share with you know I know and now understand. I am not sharing hidden secrets or anything of that sort, nor will I charge for my time. I just share from the openness of my heart in hopes that you will experience the same completeness that I even sometimes take for granted. I wish the best for you and if I can help I am more than willing to try. It is the least I can try to do because God has done so much for me.

If you have never begun this journey, or would like to begin shedding the counterfeit giftings of new age for the real McCoy, you can personalize a prayer like this one to get started. This is only a start. The best is yet to come:
God, I now know You love me and that You know me personally and want the best of my life. I want to experience the fullness I can experience by having a direct relationship with You. I ask You to be my guide; deliver me from the negative spirits and experiences around me and provide for me a life of true spiritual enlightenment while journeying ever deeper with You. I am sorry for sinning or doing things to damage my relationship with You, because in doing these things I’ve learned that I’ve not only hurt you, but also hurt myself and the fullness I can experience in my life. Father God, I ask that You prepare for me a place in heaven and be my spiritual counselor so that I can learn the ways of Your spirit and the fullness that waits for me. I give You my life, I give You my all, and trust that You will turn all my pains, regrets, turmoil's and sins into wholeness and completeness in You as I turn to you as my personal Lord and savior. I give You my everything and thank You for being a God in which I can place my trust and have a personal relationship with. Renew me Lord, help me turn from sin and journey ever closer to you. Be my personal savior and take me under your wing. Guide me and teach me; shine Your love upon me and let me feel Your love and spirit now as I pray. Take my sins away, fill me with Your understanding; fill me with Your Holy Spirit. Grant me a new life with You.
Thank you.
I pray all this in the name of Yeshua ben Yahweh (Jesus the Son of God) So let it be (Amen)

As God promised to us many years ago:
“Ask and you shall receive, seek and ye shall find, knock and it shall be given to you”. There are many promises that God has laid out in His relationship with you. As you learn these promises you can hold Him to them as Moses did on Mount Sinai. Through a deeper understanding of His truth, many miraculous things will happen in your life. It is just part of the exhilarating journey that awaits.
The next step after the above prayer is to find mentorship in your life that can lead you to the fulfillment I have described earlier in my article. As you know I will be more than happy to help however I can. That being said, I know there are others out there like me. Just dig deep and get a number of people in your life that way you are not swayed or led by only one mentor in your life. No one has everything 100% complete that is why we need a select few in our lives that we grant into mentorship roles.
We can always trust that as we journey in God that He promises to never “leave or forsake us” even though “man” will often hurt and ridicule us. For the record, God is not the “Church”. Many have been hurt from the church, and many have been blessed. Church is a man-made thing with the intent to worship God but nothing compares to a deep and meaningful personal relationship with Him that you can share with Christ. God can be "in" the church, but he will never endorse 100% of what happens in any church because every church has its fault. Trust in God more than you trust in Man and you will not be lead astray.

You may have experienced in your past things in your live that might even anger you and want to rebel against God (we all have). I have learned over the years that the things that used to anger me about God was often because I misunderstood God and how He truly works in my life and the lives of others. Once I allowed my misunderstandings to be stripped away and replaced with complete understanding I realized there was no need to blame God but there was a better party to cast my blame on. But that is another article that I guess I must write soon.

May the lord Bless and Keep you. May he shine his loving light upon you. May He show you great favor and grant you complete and all-fulfilling peace. May you grow to know His spirit and separate truth from deception. May we meet one day in heaven and rejoice in the greatness that He has done in your life, and the greatness you are about to experience. Be blessed my brother/sister in Christ.

By the way, if you prayed the above prayer, often the enemy will want to rise up right away and try to steal the gifts that you are about to receive. It important that you right away find leadership that can walk with you and lead you to fulfillment in life. I wish you only the best and I am here if I can help you in any way that I can. I love you because you are a part of my family. No matter who you are.

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