I sit in a coffee shop, the sun rains on me
Surrounded by people, but suffer alone.

We have offices we have stadiums,
we have gymnasiums and churches.
We have skyways and highways
but live like islands adrift

We pass each other from distances that don't disturb each water.
We share only our shoreline while our best harvest rots in our fields.
Our inner resources un-shared.
Our greatest features un-seen.
Our light covered in darkness so that it only shines on us.


I shay shed our fear, share our sorrow, expose our journey within.
Live together, love together and be together as one.
Share healing, build bridges, break cobwebs and learn.
Share life and completeness no longer hiding in our minds.

What good is a life without risk?
One lived without living?
With relationships kept shallow, we will all die alone.

Wake up! Get deep! Open your mind! Open your life!
Get hurt, get healing and start over again.

This is the journey wrought with blessing,
this is the passage we must seek.
Without living in this manner
the world will surely stay bleak like a dawn, caught behind a cloud face;
like a mask, that covers our soul.

Find your savior and follow with reckless abandon
because there is more to life than just coffee.

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