P3 - Sorcery & Witchcraft

--- Part 3 ---
Sorcery Witchcraft & Archangels
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Chapter 10
By this point, I knew that God was real. I knew that there was a dark army that opposed God and it was lead by Satan. I knew that the two forces battled it out for centuries with us caught in the middle. I knew that we could choose to either accept God's help or decline it. I also knew that one day all of us will die and be judged and that God allows us to choose which team to be playing for on this earth. I knew we choose this earth to be a fallen world when we chose to seek the knowledge of good and evil, and now we all have that knowledge. Some, unfortunately, choose evil. Yet I still hadn't realized that what was needed was to truly repent in order to become God's child. I was still searching. I was still confused because I still believed in past lives and that God lived within energy. Therefore I did not believe that I could find Him by reading His outdated Bible and words from His Son. It was this incongruency that brought me to yet another eventful time in my life.

For all my teen years I had worked at a summer camp. It was a camp that changed my life. God had always done great work there. In fact, the spiritual presence at this camp was so strong that many of the staff was afraid to walk around at night alone. Actually, even the campers felt the same way. There were certain areas that the presence was extra strong. For instance, most counselors purposely refused to walk down "The tractor path" even though it was better lit and easier to navigate than other paths. Many counselors preferred to go down an alternate path that was a little more treacherous.

After finishing my first year at college, I went to work there as I did every summer and met a young man by the name of Mike. I learned a lot from him and he learned a fair amount from me. He was what I would classify as a wizard or sorcerer. He mastered the art of creating energy balls in his hands that could be physically felt in the natural world and throwing them like balls of flames. He practiced an exercise that he called "Control Dreaming" also known as "Lucid Dreaming" where you put your self in a middle dream state in order to bring your conscious will with you into your dreams. In this state, he controlled his dreams and did things in the spiritual realm that you couldn't easily perform in the natural realm. He would speak with spirits, travel around the world, and have wizard battles with others in the spiritual realm. (like the Disney movie: elephant fights a dragon - dragon turns to a mouse - elephant gets scared & turns into snake to eat the mouse - mouse turns into human to step on snake, etc.) He even developed what he called his 'atom bomb'. On the rare occasion, he used this weapon. He was able to wipe out an entire dream state that may have gotten out of hand. He did many things that affected the entire camp on a spiritual level - which I would later have to rectify. An example of Mike's control dreaming: Mike made a doorway to the spiritual world beside his bed. This particular door was one he spiritually stepped through & would be able to teleport into other areas of the world; a form of astral projection. It seemed to be a neat idea at the time, but definitely not something you would want beside your bed, especially not when it's in the same room as 10 young children. I remember sitting with him in his room talking about nothing in particular when all of a sudden a spirit would appear beside his bed. We would both at the same time acknowledge it and make sure it was not outwardly hostile and carry on. The idea of control dreaming and spiritual portals raised red flags in my mind. Mike taught me how to do it but I chose not to. On many occasions, I instructed Mike to close the doorway to his bedroom. By now you and I both know the trouble that it could have caused. For days he refused to remove his proud achievement, until one night in a dream state, a spirit entered the room that was outwardly hostile and too strong to control. In a panic, he closed the gate and came immediately to me to ask me what to do. I don't remember how, but somehow we rectified the problem. Mike showed me how to create energy balls that could somehow capture the essence of spirits that annoyed me or threatened me, and then shatter the ball into many pieces to make the spirit go away. I quickly became proficient at that skill, as I already had a lot of experience manipulating energy in the context of healing. That summer I learned what it was like to utilize energy for means other than healing.

Mike was a very bad influence on me. We spent hours together sharing our experiences, casting away spirits together and doing many other questionable things. He had a fairly mischievous personality that kept me on my toes. Oh yes, I also learned to never run away when spiritually scared. Spirits are like attacking dogs. They & the spirit of fear will automatically run after you, but this time with intention. Just walk in the authority Jesus has given you. In the Bible, there is what is called the armour of God. It is much more complete than any armor that can be created with New Age energy, but I did not know of it as of yet. Anyway.. There was one night I remember we stayed up past curfew talking about our lives. I walked him back to his cabin, as we normally walked in pairs. I was standing with Mike in front of his cabin, and I remember him looking up into the sky as I saw a quick bright flash of light. Mike smiled a mischievous, devilish smile and looked down at me. I knew that smile well by this point and knew he was up to mischief. I asked him "What. What did you do?" and he said nothing. "I saw a flash of light. What did you do?" When I looked up I saw it. A beacon in the night sky. Somehow Mike managed to launch an energetic flair that burned bright to the spirit world in the sky. Mike was very proud. I was concerned. I knew that this beacon would attract the spirit realm in a detrimental way; but at three in the morning, I just wanted to go to bed. I expressed to him my concerns about his actions but he didn't seem to care. He was curious and proud. I think he wanted to find out what it would really do, and how long it would stay up there on its own because he begged and pleaded for me not to tear it down right away but wait a few days. By the next morning when I got up at 8:30 am with a cabin of rowdy campers, I forgot the night before ever happened. I was far too tired. I believe the beacon stayed up in the sky for about a week. I was reminded of it when I was canoeing on the other side of the lake, I saw a ball of energetic light hovering in the sky over where the boy's cabins would be - Mike's cabin. It held my attention and curiosity for about five minutes as I paddled my boat toward it. Then it hit me. I remembered what Mike did a week before. With anger toward Mike, I took the canoe back to the dock and immediately tore the energy flare down from the sky. I felt little pinpricks of energy on my shoulders as it fell on top of me. During lunch that day Mike approached my table in a huff. Looking rather stern and cross, he asked me "Did you tear down my flare?" I paused for a moment before answering. He was obviously upset. I fessed up and expressed my frustration at the danger he had put all of us in. I also expressed my disappointment with him that he went against his word and left the flare up as long as he did. He and I were at an impasse for a couple of days that followed. The next two weeks showed the strong repercussions of Mike's actions: arguments between staff and campers became more regular, nightmares within the camp increased in intensity. Even staff members that had always been proud of the fact that they could walk alone at night began to humbly ask friends to walk with them (I am talking big macho men here!).

Nearing the end of those two weeks I would be sitting in the dining hall with a camp full of children singing songs and looking out the window to see the spiritual darkness that crowded outside. Other New Age people outside of Mike and I began to notice it as well. It was getting out of hand. Satan's army was crowding the campground in waves. Even his generals (stronger demons) joined in on the party. It felt like we were living in a continual Halloween night and it was far from an enjoyable experience. Mike began seeking me with concern for what was happening around us. I was at a complete loss. I had done an exorcism on one person in the past, but I had never dealt with cleaning an entire campground before. I didn't even have the photocopy of Gary's exorcism prayer to base mine from. Gary had it at home and I did not have his contact number. I decided just to take each night as it came. I did not know what else to do. The camp eventually became so crowded with darkness that I decided to turn off my spiritual vision for a period of time. I got tired of seeing the crowd of hideousness that surrounded me day in and day out. It made me feel extremely claustrophobic. Many times I felt like I was at a bustling party & I needed to walk around others (in what was an open field) to getaway. It eventually became useless to fight against my surroundings because as I would rid one spirit, two would immediately take its place. I became numb to avoid my pain. The whole ordeal ended when individual staff members out of fear banned together to pray for safety. It was the desperate unified prayers of God's children that broke the strongholds of the camp. To be honest, I did not notice any changes in the camp until Mike pointed it out to me in a unique way.

If you recall, I had turned off a lot of my senses because I did not want to feel the pain of what was happening to me and around me. The way Mike pointed out the changes he observed on the campgrounds was very indicative of his personality. It was one of my nights off and he met me at my cabin. He said he wanted to show me something. I chose to follow him; I knew Mike would not have done something else stupid because he learned his lesson from the last stunt he pulled. He took me to 'The field' where the camp held its games and instructed me to look. I looked with my natural eyes and saw nothing. He instructed me to look again. I said, "I don't see anything Mike." Again he said, "Look." I chose to use my spiritual vision (as that is what he expected me to use). Strangely enough, I didn't see anything at all. That was his point. He said to me "The field is empty." And that it was! A smile immediately broke my face as I realized that the bondage was gone and I could finally lower my guard. It was another moment of true bliss. We both stared in silence for a moment or two and rejoiced together at the sight of nothing. "How did this happen? Did you do this?" I asked. Mike humbly replied no. It took me a few weeks to fully understand spiritually what had happened, but that night we both tracked an entity dancing across the field. It was one that Mike had known from his past. My relationship with Mike confirmed to me many things about the spiritual world. One example was that we always saw the same things at the same time, all of the time. While watching the entity dancing through the field, Mike thought it was 'Michael the Archangel'. Only one of God's warrior angels could have done such a great work of cleaning up the camp. I personally believe that we saw 'Michael the Archangel', but I cannot say I am certain if it was Michael himself. That is just my opinion. What is important was that God was faithful and consistently answered prayer. There were many other events that transpired that summer. On one occasion I almost, accidentally, summoned a demon. Other times I tried to fold time, and yet another time I found success with telekinesis. I also created a ball of light between my hands that could illuminate a small room. But those are other stories... I don't want to mention them all at this time. Eventually it was me that ended up taking the fall for all of Mike's games, and because of them, I was not re-hired. As of 5 years later, Mike still works there, creating potentially dangerous 'New Age' mischief in what is supposed to be a Christian summer camp for children. I still pray for the camp.

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