Angels Among Us

Angels Among Us

I remember one week I had been working too hard in my new job and found myself getting a cold. My nose was getting stuffed and I knew that all of the other cold symptoms were just around the corner. I was hoping to not take days of at work the following week simply because we could not afford the loss of funds at the time. Things were financially tight. I knew something had to be done in order to avoid getting sick.

That weekend my newlywed wife and I were standing in the front left wing of our church worshiping with the rest of the congregation. Waterloo Pentecostal Assembly is a church that experienced many strong movements of the Holy Spirit. There were many miraculous healings in the past, every Sunday you could feel the Holy Spirit fill the sanctuary as “the saints” gathered and worshiped God. I learned a lot about worship from my personal experiences in this church.

This Sunday, however, was carried with it an extra special and completely unexpected blessing. While worshipping with the rest of the congregation I noticed an entity to my left-hand side about three people down the isle. At first, I thought it was my eyes misinterpreting what they saw but then when I looked with my peripheral vision a second time and noticed it was still there, there was no mistaking it. Now Curious, I looked around the church sanctuary to see what else I would see using a little of the spiritual sight that I have had since childhood. I then saw about four other figures moving with an obvious purpose through the church.

I immediately looked ahead and pretend I noticed nothing in order to witness passively what was about to happen. As I continued to worship I saw as the entity to my left move closer to me person after person. By the time the entity was at the next person beside, I knew instinctively that it was an angel. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw this angel carefully and purposefully touch the head of one person, two people, down from me, then move to the person beside me. Once at the person beside me, the angel then preceded to touch their heart. Immediately after being touched the person sat down. This is a common and sometimes involuntary action when a person is touched by the Holy Spirit or other Godly spirit as such, but this was the first time I actually saw the movement of God’s army in the spirit before the manifestation in the flesh. It was absolutely wild to witness and validated my understanding of the mostly invisible spiritual reality around us.

The angel now finally stood in front of me. To be quite honest I expected the angel to bypass me like it was bypassing other people in the church. I did not expect it to do a small miracle in my life. With my “spiritual eyes” wide open I saw its white type light radiating from its presence distorting the natural physical items that were located behind it. I continued to worship while looking clean through it and noticed what appeared to be a smile on its face just before I was blinded by white. Not the kind of white you might first expect from an account like this, but this white essence was simply the presence of the angel’s hand covering my eyes, nose, and face as it did God’s work. As it touched me I could instantly feel slight dizziness as my sinuses immediately cleared and my thought cleared up (it was partly cloudy from my cold and other spiritual issues in my life at the time).
The angelic touch was not the same as a human touch but rather as a presence of a gentle of a soft cloth preciously glancing over the skin while penetrating slightly beyond the flesh in a warm and gentle manner. I tell ya, with complete physical and spiritual healing like this, who needs counterfeit New Age healing or any other sort of mediocre incomplete non-Godly experience. I learned this day that God does work in our lives even without huge effort and it was amazing once again to see God’s angels at work.

On that uplifting morning, there were many healed from many problems that ailed them. I was just one of the numerous reports of physical and spiritual healing that happened that day. I thank God that he is so healing, faithful, gracious and forgiving. He hears the prayers of His children and answers them. His spirit does enter our lives when we call on His name. his mercy endures forever and He has already won the battle against our enemy. His army is mighty and we can call upon it at any time because that is our inheritance as saints in His kingdom. Praise the Lord forever.

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