From Fish To Bird

From Fish to Bird

The following article is still under construction. I have included it because it might be of enlightenment to you even as I write it.

When we are born, we are surrounded by sin and spiritual warfare and we don’t even know it. Quite frankly it is not unlike being a little fishy born in the sea. The fish knows no difference, therefore, it is quite content in its existence of naivety. When we first become a Christian we get our first glimpse of what life could be like without the bondage or darkness surrounding us. It is like transforming from a normal deep-sea fishy to a jumping fishy. WE keep making great efforts to try to stay in the new sunshine and fresh air but keep finding that the gravity of our situation constantly pulls us back in to our old way of life (bondage and sin). As we continue to live out our Christian life and grow in our Christian walk, we then go through another transformation. We begin to spend more time in the presence of our Lord finding more victory than bondage. We begin to be able to walk with our God without relying heavily on the Christians around us. We become like low flying albatross. Flying just above the water still seemingly close to the existence we once knew. It would not take much, a storm or giant wave to splash us back to the reality we were once so accustomed. As time passes and our walk with our creator deepens, we begin to gain altitude away from the murky existence that once surrounded us. We become like eagles soaring miles above the water. We sore with God looking down at where we once were and help to instruct, nurture and lift others to new heights in their relationship with God as well.

I am not saying there will no longer be temptation, I am not saying we live without sin. I am saying that over time our understanding of God grows. Our prayer life takes on deeper root and more power. The anointing of God surrounds us in everything we do and our daily struggle changes from trying to simply stay afloat to more like trying not to do things that make us feel like we are losing altitude. As with all analogies, this is not a perfect one in all cases but it does illustrate the change I have experienced in my relationship with God as I moved from deeply bound in new age, to setting captives free through prayers and being used by Jesus in now and powerful ways.

Satan is a crafty devil and you will find as soon as you gain ground in one area and his deception no longer works in that regard, he will find a new way to try to poke at us. As we expose these new ways one by one, and take background that he once took or refuse to let him take our inheritance from us we will be able to yield God’s sword more readily and capably and he will seem to have less direct power in our lives. Never let your guard down, but strive for the stars and Jesus will take you there. Fly with him and he will always keep you free. Yahweh is a God that not only sets us free but also keeps us there. It is our inheritance and gift given to us by him as long as we do not choose sin. Sin is what allows Satan to enter into our lives and try take back the gifts that God has bestowed upon us. Repent of anything that may hold you back from complete fullness in your walk with God and steer away from the areas that bind you to the enemy. Fly free brothers and sisters in Christ and soar like eagles. Then equip others how they can do the same.

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