Sensations Of Intercession

Sensations of Intercession

In my personal victorious prayer life I have seen, felt and understood many miracles. During these miracles, I have felt and gathered an understanding of the many physical sensations that are, or can be felt when God does a miracle in our midst. I will outline a few:

1. Burst of Warmth
Bursts of warmth are often felt as a confirmation that your prayer has been answered in the spiritual realm and all you have to do is wait to see it happen in the physical. I have felt this sensation when I have prayed many large and sweeping prayers as well as I have felt this sensation with smaller personal prayers. An example of a large and sweeping prayer is when I prayed for one of the churches I had attended to burn down (this is a long story and I did share it on my site so I won’t share it here). I felt the burst of warmth just after finishing my prayer for the church and true to form 3 weeks later the church burned to the ground just as God had requested me to pray it. I have felt bursts of warmth when I was praying over sickness that was healed and often felt the same burst when praising God and worshiping Him in song. These bursts of warmth are not to be confused with the bursts of warmth that are experienced with “Therapeutic Touch”, “Reiki” or other New Age practices. ‘New Age’ bursts even though in our physical body may feel similar than a Holy Spirit burst (that is why they are so easily confused) is completely different than a warm blessing send down from God our Father. This article will not go into detail how and why this is, I will save it for another article.
An example of a small prayer that gives the same sensation is for example when you ask earnestly for God to provide for you (financially, or physically or any other way). Answering your prayer in a physical manner is a way that he shares with us that He heard our prayer and has taken action for our request. Quite often at times, our prayers are not answered in the ways we first expect, so keep your eyes open to how God answers your prayers. Sometimes when we ask for patience for example, God answers us with a new challenge that teaches us patience. He is an all-wise father that knows how best to help us in our lives even though at times we may disagree.

2. Shiver
A Holy Spirit shiver is in my mind in the same family as the “burst of warmth”. This shiver is different than a shiver you might feel when scared by a scary movie or attacked in a spiritual manner. A Holy Spirit shiver is more like the freeing shiver you get when you get out of cold water and shiver that last victorious shiver that brings forth a burst of internal warmth. It is like you are shedding the grips and hold of spiritual matters that once afflicted you. This can happen when you are praying for yourself, others and especially when others are praying for you. A Holy Spirit shiver often precedes a nice, lofty, burst of warmth. If you ever feel a cold attacking shiver while praying, this is a direct attack of the enemy and needs to be bound and broken immediately.

3. Waterfall
There are times in intercession you may feel like you are standing or sitting at the foot of a waterfall, this is quite normal especially if you are going through deep cleansing. In my experience, waterfalls are experienced more as a “person being prayed for” rather than “praying for another person” because this waterfall sensation can often become so powerful that it almost can incapacitate a person with the presence of God. The waterfall sensation is often accompanied with a “Coolness of Breath” and / or “Electricity” feeling

4. Coolness of Breath
Coolness of Breath is an interesting sensation that happens when a person is being filled with the Holy Spirit, it feels like you just swallowed 10 mint gums and you are exhaling air directly from the arctic. I find it is a manifestation of how God is moving and healing in your life as you are prayed for or praying for another. Often when this happens, words come directly to your mind that God wants you to pray or you feel immediately led to pray in a certain way or direction. Sometimes you may desire to pray for a wealth of things at once but simply can not find the English words to express, that is when falling into “tongues” is ok and another powerful part of intercession.

5. Electricity
Electricity often follows the “Coolness of Breath” sensation, it feels like there is a light electrical current going through your limbs or other sections of your body. It is as though the Holy Spirit is overwhelming your neurological pathways with his presence. In laymen’s terms, the Holy Spirit overflows an area of your body that is responsible to send sensations of feeling and you brain registers this as electricity. Waterfall, Coolness of Breath and Electricity can grow to become quite overwhelming when being prayed over and this is normal. As a prayer warrior, you may also feel these sensations while you pray.

6. Dizziness or Shaking
Dizziness and Shaking is often felt when you are a person being prayed for, however sometimes it can happen to the person doing the praying. Shaking and dizziness, in general, can also be an attack from the enemy so please be discerning with these sensations and pray against them if you feel as though they might be limiting you instead of freeing, or simply uncomfortable in any way. God grants comfort when He moves in our midst unless he is specifically convicting us of something that we been to repent about before proceeding in our prayer.

7. Deep Euphoria and Inner Overflowing Joy
This is the best part of prayer in my opinion. As both the giver and receiver in intercessory prayer, this feeling can be experienced. It tends to happen after all of the above had manifested itself. Remember not all of the above are needed in intercessory prayer. I am just listing some of the things that might be experienced as you pray so you don’t have to shy away from them. Just don’t let the physical sensations get in the way of your prayer or relationship with God and please never seek the physical sensations more than God. Then we would be turning our worship from God back to our physical glory. Doing so will act contrary to the prayer you are attempting to make.

8. Altered Sensations on Skin (tingles, spiritual weight)
These sensations can happen all through intercession and can also be used as a discerning factor when praying. Often when I pray for someone I will feel a tingle or warmth in my hand, prior to or during laying my hands on the person. I will also sometimes get a vision of their entire body (inside and out) and see what is well physically and spiritually within. This discernment is meant to enlighten and deepen your prayer for that person. Often I start praying against (for example) cancer of a lung when the person has not even requested it of me as of yet. Be careful though, God often grants to intercessors visions that He does not want to be divulged to the party being prayed for right away, so any sensations or visions you might feel, please pay attention to how God may want you to pray. A person may not be ready to hear that they have cancer or their child will be a “boy” instead of a “girl” to use your tongue wisely as you pray.

9. Lightness
this is often felt as a result of a good prayer. You feel like you lost 10 pounds or so, all of life feels lighter, colors more vivid. Everything generally better

10. Fear, Confusion, Cold Shivers
The above are actions that work contrary to all of the above. Fear, Confusion, Cold Shivers all distract us and often intimidate us from our main goal. They need to be prayed against immediately: “Sprit of Confusion, be gone now in the name of Jesus Christ”. If the above are not bound immediately, then our prayer life can become limited. It is for the above reason why it is also important to pray with other intercessors at times and not always pray alone.
1. Other prayer warriors can agree with your prayers and give your prayers more depth
2. They can see things that you might not see and pray against any attacks that might be happening
3. They can encourage and add wisdom or biblical knowledge to a prayer
4. they can keep a prayer on track
5. they can “Watch your back” as you declare war
and much more.
I strongly suggest if you are entering into the arena of intercessory prayer for the first time, to surround yourself with other believers that have experience in this area and seek their guidance when the spirit leads. Make sure anyone you pray with is firmly rooted in the bible and only the biblical teachings or else prayers of Grace can quickly become prayers of Witchcraft. This topic will be saved for another article.

Happy Praying.

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