Spirital Victory over New Age and More
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Welcome to Victory Over The Demonic

View articles on how to gain great victory in your life as well as grow spiritually in many ways:
Gaining Victory Over The Demonic

Gripping Account:
Read my personal six part account detailing how I recovered from:
Part 1: Birth to Death & Back - Near Death, Past Life Regression, Spirit Guides and other New Age practices
Part 2: Possession & Exorcism - Demonic attack, Demon Possession and Exorcism
Part 3: Sorcery & Witchcraft - Wizardry, Psychic Phenomena and Telekinetic Powers
Part 4: Spiritual Enlightenment - Personal Spiritual Enlightenment and Life Transformation
Part 5: Dark Times Ahead - Depression, Suicidal Thoughts and Deep Controlling Spiritual Bondage
Part 6: New Spiritual Victory - Marital Difficulties and Final Complete Spiritual Restoration

I welcome your questions and comments regarding the information shared in my story as I am readily available by email: damian@victoryoverthedemonic.com

Personal Biography:
If you would like to read a Bio about me pelase click the following link:

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